DVLA Contact Number: 0845 601 4094

To contact the DVLA in Northern Ireland – aka the DVA – call them on driver enquiries phone number 0845 601 4094. For the DVLA, just call 0300 790 6802 instead.

If you want to drive on the Northern Ireland public roads, then you need to be registered as a licensed driver with the DVLA (NI) or the DVA.

The Driver & Vehicle Agency is the counterpart of the DVLA in Northern Ireland and as such they handle all vehicle registration and driver licensing responsibilities in their area. They handle everything from driver testing down to MOTs and other vehicular tests.

DVLA (NI) Phone Numbers

Before you are given a driver licence in Northern Ireland, you first need to take the licensing test.

If you wish to learn more about the specifics of the test, then you should contact the DVLA(NI) or DVA on their enquiries phone line: 0845 601 4094.

If you wish to book a driving theory test, then contact the DVA on 0345 600 6700. You can also contact them on 0300 200 1166 if you’re using the textphone.

After you complete the application form, you can send them via fax to 0870 0104 372.

If you do not live in Northern Ireland, or do but are considering living elsewhere in the UK, contact the DVLA on 0300 790 6802.

If you’re interested in their driver licensing services, then you can contact their enquiries telephone line on 0300 200 7861 locally.

You can also call +44 28 9049 5914 if overseas and on 028 9067 5914 if you are within the country.

If you want to book your practical driving test with DVA, then contact them on 0845 247 2472. To get an application form, call 028 9068 1831.

For vehicle test booking, call them on 0845 247 2471. To get an application form, call them on 028 9068 1831.

Email the DVLA (DVA)

You can also email your driving enquiries to: dva@doeni.gov.uk

If you prefer to write to them, then you can send an email to: dva@doeni.gov.uk

DVLA and DVA by Post

You can send the DVLA (DVA) post about driving tests to:

Testing enquiries,
County Hall,
Castlerock Road,
BT51 3HS.

You can also send the application by post to the DVLA in Manchester:

Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency,
Booking Department,
PO Box 381,
M50 3UW.

You can post to them about driving licenses:

Driver Licensing Enquiries,
County Hall,
Castlerock Road,
BT51 3TB.